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Used successfully with hundreds of teams and groups
for jump-starting their gatherings
What's being said about The Mingle?




"I used The Mingle for the first time with a group of 16 people in Edmonton, Alberta this past week. The participants were seasoned social workers-many with advanced degrees-who have experienced more icebreakers than they care to remember. I introduced Mingle and there was a distinct smell of skepticism in the room with several people rolling their eyes and crossing their arms. It didn't take a psychologist to figure out that they were not looking forward to the next 30 minutes. After the first few minutes, people were paired off and obviously engaged as they shared their responses to the questions. The debriefing was fast, seamless and totally enjoyable for everyone in the room. One person took a position in the middle of the room and attracted partners by imitating a barker at the circus, 'Mingle here, does anyone want to Mingle!'

The Mingle works! It's fast, effective and definitely exceeded my high expectations. Thank you Don and Cindy for developing a fine product."

~ John A. Whitesell, PhD
   Managing Partner
   OrgCode Consulting, Inc.

“I used The Mingle Cards as a fun icebreaker in dozens of two-week Strategic Leadership Seminars. This upbeat activity, with its unique and challenging questions, always moved the group from strangers to friends very quickly, and set a positive and constructive tone for open communication, trust and learning together during the rest of the program.”

~ Mary Jo Svendsen
   Program Manager (Retired)
   The Strategic Leadership Seminar
   Boeing Leadership Center

"We used The Mingle as part of the training and planning phases of a company-wide change initiative where it was critically important that people be willing to share with each other. Most of the participants knew each other, but not well - so The Mingle's unique and already proven questions gave people permission to learn about each other in a fun and easy way which led to the openness, honesty and trust we needed for the process to work well (which it did!). People LOVED it! We continue to use this in a variety of different ways including team-building. It's a good way to have fun and start conversations."

~ Beverley A. Banks
   Director of Learning & Development
   PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company
   Seattle, Washington

“I used The Mingle as an icebreaker at a team gathering and they prompted great conversation! We even learned something about a team member that the rest of the team did not know. While we have done similar icebreakers in the past, I really liked having the cards all contained together and easy to distribute.”

~ Anita McCaslin
   Director, Global Staffing
   Starbucks Coffee Company

"We used The Mingle to help our neighbors get to know each other at a Christmas function. It was much needed and very helpful. People started building relationships that are continuing and I think we are finally getting on the road to a better more connected neighborhood."

~ Karla McGuire
   Former Boeing Manager and Former Boeing Leadership Center Facilitator




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