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Used successfully with hundreds of teams and groups
for jump-starting their gatherings
Why Use The Mingle?




"We used The Mingle as part of the training and planning phases of a company-wide change initiative ... People LOVED it! ... It's a good way to have fun and start conversations."

   ~ Beverley A. Banks
      Director of Learning &
      PEMCO Mutual Ins. Co.



"We used The Mingle to help our neighbors get to know each other at a Christmas function. It was much needed and very helpful. People started building relationships that are continuing..."

   ~ Karla McGuire
      Former Boeing Manager and
      Leadership Center Facilitator


There are many benefits to using The Mingle in your next meeting or gathering. Here are a few:

  • Building a group - People are naturally cautious about sharing with each other the first time a group gets together, or when a group hasn't been together for a while, or when new members join the group. So, to get the most out of a group's time together, The Mingle will jump start the sharing process by getting people talking to each other about things that matter.

  • The questions themselves - We've tried The Mingle questions for you, so we know they work! (At one time, we asked the group members to come up with their own questions, but frequently the questions were mundane or, worse yet, inappropriate. We've made sure these get the desired result!)

  • Increasing trust - The Mingle gives people permission to share at a deeper level than they usually do, and we all are more likely to trust people we know and feel know us

  • Meeting others - Talking 1-on-1 with the other people in the room, especially the ones they don't know, or don't know well, helps people connect into the group at a personal level. Instead of a roomful of strangers, you now have a roomful of new friends!

  • Encourages participation - By the time the group has finished both parts of the Mingle, "Asking the Questions" and "Sharing the Answers," everyone will have talked with most of the other people and probably have spoken in front of the whole group, so it's easier to do it again.

  • It's Fun! - The Mingle questions often provoke laughter and surprises. It provides a quick and easy way to learn something new about each other, and let others know a bit more about you, too.

  • Setting the tone - As facilitators, some of the most difficult moments are those first few when we can be faced with reluctance, hesitation, crossed arms and blank faces, or worse ... The Mingle always shifts the atmosphere in the room to one of engagement, laughter and connectio



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